Monday, 1 March 2010

new seeds and pots...

Milo and I headed out in the beautiful spring sunshine today to get ourselves some more seeds and pots.  After a lot of time spent picking up various seed packets and after a lot of old ladies had come to admire Milo we finally headed off with our new investments.


I now have...

  • 6 types of tomato

  • thyme

  • chive

  • spring onion

  • cucumber

  • mustard

  • rocket

  • spinach

...seeds to sow.

Hopefully they will find themselves in pots/seed trays by the end of today-as long as the little one has a nice long nap!

I was oh so close to buying some seed potatoes but was under the impression they needed very very deep pots to live in, however my sister tells me they don't need to be as deep as I imagined, so they are very much top of my list next time I find myself down the garden centre.

1 comment:

  1. OOoh fun!! I have started planting our seeds. We keep checking the tomatoes every day to see if they have started sprouting. Nothing yet :(
    We grow potatoes in dustbins. Really easy and even easier to harvest.