Sunday, 25 April 2010


Tomatoes when I did all my research on growing tomatoes there were a couple of things I forgot to investigate. Mainly, how big will my plants grow, how successful will my seeds be, how many plants can I really look after/fit in our small terraced house and very small outside space??

The answer to the final question would probably have been, 4, maybe 6 at a push.  How many do actually have? Hmmmm about 30.


I guess those little seeds just looked so, well little-I had no idea how well they would grow.


So currently I have set up a little space for them in the utility room where I have housed 18 of them.  6 are remaining on the most sun filled windowsills in the house and the rest have gone outside.  A little early I know but there simply is no room left indoors for them.

I'm dreaming of making lots of sauces and ketchup and chutneys come the end of the summer!

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