Thursday, 27 January 2011

finding inspiration :: blankets ::

I was up crazy early this morning and I found myself snuggled up on the sofa, browsing flickr and dreaming of hooking up some lovely blankets.

Spring Babette blanket to be


Dream in progress... part 18

Sunshine Day pillow & blanket in progress

a bundle o 'ghan

Summer Garden

Click on the photo's to find yourself at the flickr page of the creators of these beauties.


  1. Oh wow, I knit like fury but have never gotten to grips with crochet hook. Ths may have strengthened my resolve to really try. I feel new obsession brewing. A girl can never have enough blankets.

  2. Aren't they gorgeous! One day I'll make one, though I doubt it will be anytime soon

  3. Wow, these are beautiful! My favorite is the one on the white couch. Oh la la.

  4. Ohhh my goodness! Beautiful work, I am new to crochet and the squares are what I am trying first. Your work is inspiration for me! Thank you for the valentine square tutorial I found on Flikr...
    Priscilla x

  5. ooft! they are amazing, number 2 and 3 have lovely colour palettes.x