Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Allotmenting:: And so it begins ::

and so it begins ::

The seeds arrived a couple of weeks ago now, but with the arrival of some of the live plants this week, I really started to get going on this years growing season. Oh my, it is awfully exciting, so much hope and expectation in each tiny little seed.

and so it begins ::

I purchased the majority of my seeds from these guys this year, and they certainly look fabulous (obviously I can't vouch for the seeds themselves yet, having only just sown a few of them). The packaging is really nice, simple, but comes with great information, and even instructions on how to save next years seed from this years crop, brilliant.

and so it begins ::

I purchased too many to list here, but some of my favourites are the atomic red carrots, black plum tomatoes and squashes, but there really are lots I'm looking forward to growing.

This week I've sown, a windowsill full of herbs, (I've been slack with fresh herbs recently and really there is no excuse not to have a least a pot of basil in the kitchen) cauliflower, perpetual spinach, alpine strawberries, aubergines (3 varieties, this is surely a little ambitious as none of mine worked last year!) asparagus and leeks.

and so it begins ::

The plants that arrived this week came from Thompson Morgan, they include, black currant, white currant and red currant canes, honeyberry plugs and a variety of potatoes, I've also got some Jerusalem artichoke tubers arriving from these guys.

It's only January and I'm already feeling a little overwhelmed, I best get myself down that allotment and digging!


  1. I'm on the council waiting list for an allotment but I think it's really long and I'm going to be waiting a while yet! I used to have one on a private plot but we had to move house and so I had to give it up as it was just too far, and I really miss it :(

    Good luck with your allotmenting efforts this year, looks like you're going to have loads of yummy goodies to enjoy

    1. Are you still in cheltenham? I was only in the list a year before I got mine. But if you ever want some practise you're welcome to come do some work at mine ;) I've had it about 9 months now but not done nearly as much as I would like yet.