Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WIP Wednesday :: Tawny Owl ::

Oooh it's a been a while since I did one of these, but I actually have a work in progress that I can share with you!

Train knitting for a certain little baby being born today :)

Last month Milo and I headed off to Norfolk for a little seaside weekend away, as it happened we choose the perfect weekend for it and the weather was amazing.  The day we headed off a friend of mine went in to hospital to have her baby and I needed a little bit of knitting that would be an easy project to take away with me and would serve as a little gift for the aforementioned baby.  Preferably something that wasn't a sweater, as I had already knit her a cardigan and being a summer baby there surely can really be only so many sweaters she would need right now.

Bad start-snapped a needle-had to move down to 3

After a quick consultation with twitter, I decided a toy would be the best bet and as it happened I had never knit a toy before.  Before I knew it this gorgeous Tawny Owl by Ella Austin was working its way on to my needles.

Red white and blue... #fmsphotoaday #4

The pattern calls for 4ply yarn in 3 colours, as it happens I so rarely use 4ply my stash had very little to offer, I was also in a super rush to leave when I was hunting through said stash, but as it turns out I managed to find 3 small amounts of yarn in reasonably complimentary colours and correct(ish) weight.

WIP Wednesday :: Tawny Owl...oh so nearly finished. 

This pattern in fab!  I loved working up the body of the owl and managed to get all that you can see here done whilst away that weekend.  Unfortunately since then he has been sitting neglected in a bag, awaiting one wing, a couple of eyes and a couple of feet.  I hope to amend this tonight and Craft Night In.

The pattern is Tawny Owl by Ella Austin available to purchase :: here
My ravelry notes are :: here

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  1. Oh Vicki! This is going to be beautiful! Hurry up and get it done Girl so we can see it in all it's glory :) Check out my blog post from yesterday and you will see my third pair of your addictive socks all done up! I gifted them to a friend who is in love with them :))) She ran out and bought the magazine so she can make some too. Have a lovely day Dearie,

    1. Oh yay! I love that that sock pattern is getting so much love!
      Thank you!

  2. I love love love the colours you chose. Your Tawny owl is going to be awesome!

  3. oh my word what a cutie!! Love the colours you chose (that chose you?) and that you are knitting a toy for baby. I saw this pattern pop up in my friends feed on Ravelry and part of me wished I could have just one more baby and an owl themed nursery.