Sunday, 5 July 2015

This Week ::

A round up of some of my favourite moments from my Instagram this week ::

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How to :: Rainbow Smile Necklace ::

Use crochet or knitted i-cord to make a fun, bright necklace.

Following on from yesterdays "Crochet I-Cord' post, today I'm sharing with you a little tutorial on what you can make from all that lovely i-cord. I simply made this necklace as a way of using up all the icord I myself had been making, I raided my jewellery making supplies and gathered together a rainbow of cords.

It's pretty easy to put together and such a fun and bright piece of jewellery. Of course you don't need to make a rainbow, I think it would look fab all in the one colour or use a super chunky yarn to make just one big cord.

So if you fancy having a go you can find the i-cord tutorial here, though if you'd rather you can also knit your i-cords.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

How to :: Crochet I-Cord ::

Tutorial and video, explaining how to crochet i-cord.

I have a little jewellery making tutorial coming up that requires the use of some crochet I-Cord (though you can totally use knitted I-Cord too if you'd rather). So I figured before sharing that with you I'll give you a little tutorial on how to make the I-Cord itself first.

Tutorial and video, explaining how to crochet i-cord.

I-Cord is really very, very simple to make, both with knitting and crochet and is simply a lovely little tube of stitches, ideal for adding to all kinds of projects, or can even be knit/crocheted with itself.

Crochet i-cord is essentially exactly the same as knitted i-cord the way I make it, but if you're not comfortable with knitting or just find crochet easier on the whole, this is a great technique. I haven't yet timed myself, but I'm also fairly confident this way is much quicker for me.

Tutorial and video, explaining how to crochet i-cord.

All you need is some yarn and a crochet hook in a size best suited to your yarn. I've made a video which gives you a step by step guide, but if you'd rather words and pictures I have those for you too, just keep scrolling.

Friday, 26 June 2015

9 Months ::

Last week Miss Effie Tallulah turned 9 months, meaning she's been out in the world growing as long as she was inside growing. She is turning into such a feisty independent little character.

Crawling is now very much established and she's quick, much too quick, she also fears nothing, so must be watched like a hawk at all times, also she will put EVERYTHING she finds on the ground in her mouth. I made a beanbag last week, so I've spent the majority of last 7 days retrieving polystyrene balls from her mouth. She's started to pull herself up now too, not on the sofas yet, but anything a little shorter and she's up. I am very much not ready for walking yet. Of course she'll probably decide to do that the week we move house, but I am hopeful it will a long way off yet, Milo was well past one before he started.

She now has two very prominent bottom teeth. She's recently discovered she can actually use these to take little chunks off things, which she seems very proud of, I love watching her bite small pieces of rice cakes off with them, a look of satisfaction in her eyes.

Routine-wise not a lot has changed since last month, still having 4 milk feeds a day, 3 meals and one nap in the morning, sometimes a little afternoon catnap if given the opportunity.

She is cheeky! She seems to understand 'no' now and is aware of the things she's not supposed to touch/put in her mouth, I can tell this by the way she looks at me whilst doing exactly that as if to say 'look Mum I'm going to do that thing you don't like'. For the most part though, when you tell her 'no' she usually does stop.

She blows kisses and gives out high fives, she tries to clap, but isn't all that successful! She'll also come to me now and put her arms up to be lifted/cuddled. I completely forgot how it feels to be needed in this way. Milo's so much older than her and so independent he rarely needs me for cuddles. It's really lovely to have someone who does, even though I know it won't last forever. Which is exactly what I keep reminding myself when I feel like she's attached my hip and I'm not getting anything done.

She makes a lot of sounds now and has a lot of chat, but not really any words. So far we have 'at' (cat or any kind of animal) 'dad-eee' (daddy, of course she can see daddy and not mama and calls for him regularly throughout the day when he is at work!) and as of yesterday 'ilo' (milo, which prior to yesterday was 'arah' repeated very loudly when waiting for him outside school or when he was ignoring her). I'm not going to lie it would be nice to hear 'mama' soon, but I'm sure it will come soon enough.

She's such a happy, friendly, smiley, sociable baby and I'm so lucky to have her.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Blogtacular 2015 ::

Last weekend I headed over to London for a fabulously inspiring, fun filled weekend, surrounded by amazingly creative folks in pretty spectacular surroundings. It was of course the second Blogtacular event.
I went along last year and I cannot tell you how much it changed the way I think about my blog and work in general, how much I learned and what an amazingly positive effect it has had.

So when the weekend finally arrived (Johnny bought my ticket for me last August as a birthday gift, so it seems I've been waiting forever!) I was so excited. Partly because I got a weekend away (my first since Effie was born) and got to hang out with Joanne of Not So Granny, who I don't think I had seen since last Blogtacular. But mostly because I knew I would come away full of inspiration and ideas. I certainly wasn't wrong.
As with last years event, I think my favourite was the opening keynote, (now avaliable to watch online here) given by the fabulous Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge. I also really enjoyed Fran of Fall For DIY's talk on blogging full time and took loads of useful information away from Kat Molesworth's photography workshop. However just being there surrounded by all those wonderful bloggers was incredible.

There were some great sponsors around showing off their wares and giving you the opportunity to pitch to them. Plus the new addition of the Genius Bar, where 3 talented ladies were available all day for brain picking and chats. I loved the crafty activities provided by seeds and stitches and even did a little shopping at the market place. 
After the conference West Elm hosted an after party sponsored by Pinterest, full to the brim of crafty folks running crafty escapades. I made a little plant pot cosy using some gorgeous Nikki McWilliams fabric and tried my hand at some paper cutting. 

It was lovely to get back to my babies on Sunday afternoon, tired but full of ideas. Effie having never been away from me for that long before looked as though she didn't know whether to laugh or cry as I approached.
It was such a great weekend for so many reasons and I'm already excitedly anticipating next year.

I'll blog about the gorgeous goodie bags separately so check back later in the week.

If you couldn't make it but wished you could you can join in with all the fun online, at the virtual conference.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Little Bento Project Bags :: How to ::

Super quick and easy, bento style, project bags.

Back in the spring my sewing machine and I reacquainted ourselves and it was oh so good. I had grand plans of making myself a whole summer wardrobe, not to mention all manner of baby attire for Miss Effie. However, work and life, as is often the case, soon had other ideas and my sewing machine has been sat in the corner of my dining room gathering dust ever since then.
One of the things I managed to sew back in April was a really simple folded bag, which I love so much it has become my daily use bag. This bag is so easy to make, it takes so little time, but is so versatile and I love it so much.

As this years Knit Girllls, Stash Dash is currently in full swing, I've been pulling unfinished knitting and crochet projects out from all over the house and what I really needed were a couple of these bags in a slightly smaller incarnation. So, I dusted off the sewing machine and the iron (it's only outing is generally for sewing or weddings) and quickly stitched up just that.

Hillary's sent me some of their gorgeous daisy pistachio fabric to take part in their crafting competition, so I decided this would perfect for these little bags.

These are great little project bags for small knitting projects. Perfect for baby sized items or socks for instance. The handles on the top are knotted together to seal, so need to worry about zips getting too close to your precious knitting either. Read on if you fancy making some of your own.

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